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amelia// i have so many images of you from this week being loving towards your siblings. you are truly a little mother hen. Making sure that everyone is “okay” and being the ringleader of all the games. On saturday, you were as helpful as helpful could be, so that I could have the best mother’s day weekend ever. We had a grand adventure on saturday and spent two hours in the woods together looking for mushrooms.

chase// you have an entire story you heard on a CD memorized, voices, songs, inflection and all, and love to tell it to us, and act it out. We had a mother’s day tea in your classroom this week, and your excitement over it, and when you saw me get to your classroom brought tears to my eyes.

grant// you begged me to take you mushroom hunting, and then we found four mushrooms, which you begged to be fried up RIGHT THEN. you have been very loving lately, always wanting to be near, and making me feel very special. you also love running over to Sierra’s house to spend time with her and August (and not always telling the truth about whether you asked me if you could go or not.

clara// Your absolute favorite word? “NO” you shake your finger at the doggy and tell her NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO. you love holding my (or your sibling) hand and walking…. or another new favorite is holding our hands and leaning as far back as you can and laughing, you LOVE making us laugh at you!


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