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amelia: lately, we are getting lots of glimpses into the caring, maturing young lady you are becoming. It is both exciting and bittersweet to see you transitioning from a little child. You wrote papa an easter card that said “don’t worry papa, I am right across the road if you need any help with grammy”. You are so helpful and caring to your younger siblings. Yes, even Chase, who despite your insistences that he is “annoying” is truly your best friend.

chase: you told us this past week that you were BORN to think about Mario. We see you growing and maturing as well. You have spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks playing school…making lessons for us all to do and worksheets for us to finish. I see you sounding out words and writing new words all the time. You did make me laugh by wondering aloud if I thought you were my maid when I asked you to do several favors for me in a row.

grant: there is a new “grantism” every day that makes me giggle. I am learning though, that I need to write them down, otherwise I don’t remember them when you say the next funny thing. You LOVE to help us, whether it is in the kitchen, or doing yard work, you are always asking “can I help YA?” you got to camp with daddy and your older siblings this weekend, and it was your first time sleeping in a tent. you loved it!

clara: your personality is ever-emerging. you are getting a little more comfortable with people other than your small circle (daddy, mama, aunt sue, sierra) lately. You still absolutely LOVE being outside and love playing with ruby. Even though most of the time you are go-go-go, you will gladly be in the backpack or carrier for hours on end, as long as we are outside. Although you aren’t saying too many words, you are always “verbal”…in your little singing voice you are always telling yourself your own little stories.


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