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amelia// this week you were dead set on breaking a world record of some sort. you weren’t sure what one, but we had to google a bunch of records for you to decide on one. you did some impressive finger knitting with yarn I got you, so you thought you may make the longest finger knitting ever.

chase// you stayed home from school for three days this week because you weren’t feeling well. grant, clara and I enjoyed the extra chasey-boy time. Two cute things I overheard you say this week….when asked if you would like cereal you said “that would be delightful” and I overheard you telling Grant “Good job, my boy” when he did something you were proud of.

grant// your dramatic nature was evident this week when I made you go to bed before you were ready to. I heard you sobbing in your bed that “no one likes me. not even my mama likes me”. We went to visit Aunt Cheri’s sheep this week and you asked me “do daddy sheep eat kids?”

clara// you turned ONE this week! Where did the time go? You learned to climb stairs (but not to go down them!) and now want to try to get to the staircase whenever you can.  You also love your brothers and sister to chase you. We can tell you are a spunky one already!


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