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amelia// you have such a tender heart. It was apparent this week when you watched Big Hero Six and cried….more like sobbed…when one of the main characters was left behind. We also got to see a glimpse of your sales-girl-skills as you sold girl scout cookies this week! You are definitely a better sales person than mama! I am so proud of you and how grown up you are becoming!

chase// you are such a snuggler! Every night before bed you ask to snuggle with me, which is so great! This weekend you wanted me to make a sleeping bag for Chippy chip out of one of my old socks….and you spent much of sunday making  peppermint “muffins” with Amelia….with no help or guidance from mama–and they actually turned out pretty well!

grant// your newest favorite thing is to look at pictures on my phone. Your favorites are walruses, seals, and baby cats. You could be content doing that for hours on end, if I let you. When your older brother and sister are home on the weekend, or in the evenings you want to be doing every thing with them….but when it is just mama and you and clara, you like to be entertained by mama

clara// you, my dear, make me nervous. All your brothers and sisters have tons of energy, and are on the go… but none of them compares to you (at your age). you are the wiggliest little worm of them all. You don’t like to sit still, not even for a minute. You are go-go-go, nonstop. And you are already getting into things all of the time as well. You are a little rascal. And you are running around the house all the time! You are also very much a mama’s girl. At home you are independent, but as soon as I need to leave you with someone else, you cry for me nonstop….


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