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amelia// this week you were one of three third graders at your school who had their invention chosen to go on to a district invention fair. I was so proud of you! You took deep breaths and almost cried when you found out you were chosen. You told me later that you “had a feeling in your heart”  you would be chosen. You also cried when I told you that while I thought your dream of being a professional basketball player when you grow up was awesome, your height may make it a little hard to do so. You told me “It doesn’t matter if I am short, I can still do it!”

chase//when I talked to you on the phone from Florida, you sounded so grown up. I told you I saw dolphins and you said “that’s cool”, sounding much older than six years old when you did so. as always, your imagination was full force this week, and you made up songs and stories and pretended all week long.

grant// you were the one kiddo who seemed unconcerned with me leaving for florida. you didn’t even want to give me kisses and hugs, but pushed me out the door saying “GO!” You were pretty excited to hear about all the things I saw on the beach, and kept asking “what ELSE? what ELSE?” every time I told you about another thing we saw

clara// you got lots of one-on-one mama time this week, and had so many firsts. First flights, first beach experiences, and so much more! You are definitely still in a clingy stage, and cried lots and lots while Noel babysit you when I was gone to a wedding. You loved the beach! The water, especially, and trying to pick up things off the sand and shove them in your mouth…no matter how sandy/gross/gritty they were! We decided by the end of the trip you missed home and your brothers and sisters though, as you were pretty out of sorts!


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