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amelia//this week was a week of inventing for you. You had to make an invention for the school invention fair, so you spent many evenings with daddy working on ideas, and then the building and testing of your invention “the clock stopper”. It made me proud to see you work so hard on something and to see your creative mind blossom!

chase// my favorite chase story of the week is a little too gross to tell in public. suffice to say, I never knew motherhood would mean listening to gross statements/stories and having to feign interest, even excitement, in said grossness. You had your 100th day of school this week, so we took a 100 step adventure all around the house to see where we would end up (the dining room) and what would be next to us (the printer and the kleenex).

grant// one day this week when I was offering you breakfast choices (cereal, yogurt, toast), you looked at me in all seriousness and said “jelly beans?” one day Clara made a mess, and next to the mess I found my camera, when I looked at the photos on the camera, there were photos of the mess Clara had made. yes, you are taking after mama.

clara// 16 lbs 2 oz (9th percentile!) 26.75 inches, almost 6 teeth, loving baths, nursing, and getting into things. yes, grant has trained you well. this week you dumped three plants all over the place. Your favorite word of the moment is “no” and you say it loud and often.


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