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amelia// this week you “read your heart out” (your words) all week long…..we’d find you all over the house, curled up with your book. We did a good bit of sledding and tubing this week, and as always your bravery is astounding. you have no fear of flying down the hill at top speed. Your giving nature was also apparent this weekend when you wanted to give Amara a “special present” of your own and gave her two dolls because she loved to play with them when she comes over.

chase// you are growing up so much! You can count to 100 no problem and are sounding out and writing words on your own! It makes my mama heart proud. I also had at least two people tell me how much you are growing up and being good in sunday school and children’s church. Yay Chase!! You decided this week that you were going to be a police man when you grew up so that you could “put people in jail” and say “you’re under arrest”

grant// ahhhh….three years old. the age of so much cuteness and so much boundary pushing at the same time. That pretty much sums up our week. Lots of adorable silliness, and lots of fits, pushing boundaries, and not listening to mama. You also decided to get into a tube of paint this week while mama and daddy were outside. Crazily enough, you got it mostly on your clothes and not all over the house, thankfully!

clara// you are now walking more than you are crawling, so look out world! Working on cutting your fifth tooth (!) has taken quite a bit out of you this week, so most of the week you were found on mama’s lap or needing extra snuggles. One morning, I wore you in my wrap to make some muffins, because you just couldn’t be sat down, we hadn’t done the wrap in awhile, but you loved it, and were so content!


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