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amelia// you’ve spent much of this week absorbed in “rainbow fairy” books. I love watching you read…it reminds me of me at your age. Your big goal is to have all 150 books before you are an adult. this week you went grocery shopping with me, and spent your own money at the store, even paying all by yourself for the first time. Your big purchase? a small sewing kit (you told me when you are sad, sewing makes you feel better)  and a collectors tin of pokemon cards.

chase// your story telling mode was in full force this week. One day I got to hear a very long, very involved story about the Chase-dragon and the Clara-fairy. I am also enjoying that you are currently in snuggly mood, wanting to snuggle me and have a lot of one-on-one time, which is great. You decided that you should give Grant “consequences” for being mean to you one day. First, you wanted to spank him with a wooden cutting board, and being told that you couldn’t, you wanted to poke him with a fork.

grant// mr. personality! I love how you tilt your little head and raise your eyebrows when you are asking for something! And some of the silly things that you say. When Chase wanted to poke you with his fork, you yelled “NOOOO, I will pop!” You are also still naked about 75% of the time. We put clothes on you, you take clothes off of you! You’ve been my big helper this week, mopping floors with me and helping to do dishes. “Can I help, mama?” is one of your oft said phrases.

clara// you now have FOUR teeth. From none to four in less than a month! By the end of the week you were walking across entire rooms, and have been so proud of yourself–probably because we are all so proud of you and clap and cheer for you as you do so. It also has been a big “mommy” week… you don’t really want me out of your sight. One of our favorite new Clara things is when we ask you to give us hugs and you lay your little head down on our shoulders and squeeze tight.


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