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amelia// this week you were one of three third graders at your school who had their invention chosen to go on to a district invention fair. I was so proud of you! You took deep breaths and almost cried when you found out you were chosen. You told me later that you “had a feeling in your heart”  you would be chosen. You also cried when I told you that while I thought your dream of being a professional basketball player when you grow up was awesome, your height may make it a little hard to do so. You told me “It doesn’t matter if I am short, I can still do it!”

chase//when I talked to you on the phone from Florida, you sounded so grown up. I told you I saw dolphins and you said “that’s cool”, sounding much older than six years old when you did so. as always, your imagination was full force this week, and you made up songs and stories and pretended all week long.

grant// you were the one kiddo who seemed unconcerned with me leaving for florida. you didn’t even want to give me kisses and hugs, but pushed me out the door saying “GO!” You were pretty excited to hear about all the things I saw on the beach, and kept asking “what ELSE? what ELSE?” every time I told you about another thing we saw

clara// you got lots of one-on-one mama time this week, and had so many firsts. First flights, first beach experiences, and so much more! You are definitely still in a clingy stage, and cried lots and lots while Noel babysit you when I was gone to a wedding. You loved the beach! The water, especially, and trying to pick up things off the sand and shove them in your mouth…no matter how sandy/gross/gritty they were! We decided by the end of the trip you missed home and your brothers and sisters though, as you were pretty out of sorts!

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amelia//this week was a week of inventing for you. You had to make an invention for the school invention fair, so you spent many evenings with daddy working on ideas, and then the building and testing of your invention “the clock stopper”. It made me proud to see you work so hard on something and to see your creative mind blossom!

chase// my favorite chase story of the week is a little too gross to tell in public. suffice to say, I never knew motherhood would mean listening to gross statements/stories and having to feign interest, even excitement, in said grossness. You had your 100th day of school this week, so we took a 100 step adventure all around the house to see where we would end up (the dining room) and what would be next to us (the printer and the kleenex).

grant// one day this week when I was offering you breakfast choices (cereal, yogurt, toast), you looked at me in all seriousness and said “jelly beans?” one day Clara made a mess, and next to the mess I found my camera, when I looked at the photos on the camera, there were photos of the mess Clara had made. yes, you are taking after mama.

clara// 16 lbs 2 oz (9th percentile!) 26.75 inches, almost 6 teeth, loving baths, nursing, and getting into things. yes, grant has trained you well. this week you dumped three plants all over the place. Your favorite word of the moment is “no” and you say it loud and often.

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amelia// this week you “read your heart out” (your words) all week long…..we’d find you all over the house, curled up with your book. We did a good bit of sledding and tubing this week, and as always your bravery is astounding. you have no fear of flying down the hill at top speed. Your giving nature was also apparent this weekend when you wanted to give Amara a “special present” of your own and gave her two dolls because she loved to play with them when she comes over.

chase// you are growing up so much! You can count to 100 no problem and are sounding out and writing words on your own! It makes my mama heart proud. I also had at least two people tell me how much you are growing up and being good in sunday school and children’s church. Yay Chase!! You decided this week that you were going to be a police man when you grew up so that you could “put people in jail” and say “you’re under arrest”

grant// ahhhh….three years old. the age of so much cuteness and so much boundary pushing at the same time. That pretty much sums up our week. Lots of adorable silliness, and lots of fits, pushing boundaries, and not listening to mama. You also decided to get into a tube of paint this week while mama and daddy were outside. Crazily enough, you got it mostly on your clothes and not all over the house, thankfully!

clara// you are now walking more than you are crawling, so look out world! Working on cutting your fifth tooth (!) has taken quite a bit out of you this week, so most of the week you were found on mama’s lap or needing extra snuggles. One morning, I wore you in my wrap to make some muffins, because you just couldn’t be sat down, we hadn’t done the wrap in awhile, but you loved it, and were so content!

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amelia// you’ve spent much of this week absorbed in “rainbow fairy” books. I love watching you read…it reminds me of me at your age. Your big goal is to have all 150 books before you are an adult. this week you went grocery shopping with me, and spent your own money at the store, even paying all by yourself for the first time. Your big purchase? a small sewing kit (you told me when you are sad, sewing makes you feel better)  and a collectors tin of pokemon cards.

chase// your story telling mode was in full force this week. One day I got to hear a very long, very involved story about the Chase-dragon and the Clara-fairy. I am also enjoying that you are currently in snuggly mood, wanting to snuggle me and have a lot of one-on-one time, which is great. You decided that you should give Grant “consequences” for being mean to you one day. First, you wanted to spank him with a wooden cutting board, and being told that you couldn’t, you wanted to poke him with a fork.

grant// mr. personality! I love how you tilt your little head and raise your eyebrows when you are asking for something! And some of the silly things that you say. When Chase wanted to poke you with his fork, you yelled “NOOOO, I will pop!” You are also still naked about 75% of the time. We put clothes on you, you take clothes off of you! You’ve been my big helper this week, mopping floors with me and helping to do dishes. “Can I help, mama?” is one of your oft said phrases.

clara// you now have FOUR teeth. From none to four in less than a month! By the end of the week you were walking across entire rooms, and have been so proud of yourself–probably because we are all so proud of you and clap and cheer for you as you do so. It also has been a big “mommy” week… you don’t really want me out of your sight. One of our favorite new Clara things is when we ask you to give us hugs and you lay your little head down on our shoulders and squeeze tight.