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amelia// you’re enthusiasm for life is so very big. i love that you get oh so excited for even the “littlest” of things. this week we went sledding, just you and me, in the moonlight, and your delight over that unexpected little together time (mama and mia time, as you call it) made it all the more fun. you also told me this week that you wanted to have a little girl some day and name her “Elizabeth Rose” Rose because it is your, my, and grammy’s middle name, and Elizabeth because it is a beautiful name and because you know some people with that name and they are great. Although sometimes I bemoan the fact that you are growing up so fast, I love having someone to go grocery shopping with me, and talk with, and make chores easier and more fun!

chase// you’ve decided you want to make video games when you grow up. and you better believe you have the imagination to do that! you spent a good chunk of time this week, following me from room to room, describing in elaborate detail each land in your video game (one of them is a hungry hungry hippo game), and even the music that will be in each game. You also spent a long time drawing a “find Mario” book, with detailed drawings. You are so creative and much more detail orientated than I am–a great thing! You also went sledding by yourself down the big hill, I was so proud of your bravery!

grant// with your brother and sister at school, I have become your alternate “best playmate” one day we pretended we were about 15 different things (knights, dragons, bears smelling garbage, zebras…etc, etc etc) in about a 15 minute span. You also cracked me up singing a song about how “grant is the best. grant is the best. GRANTY is the BEST!” and also when you insisted that you had to take Papa his used tooth pick that he left at our house because you were sure he would want it back. You wouldn’t take no for an answer, so you went over to Papa and Grammy’s by yourself to take it back.

clara//oh, miss personality! you are really coming into your own! There is no more sitting still with you (unless you really want to nurse) you’ve even started taking steps…even trying to RUN! And you like an audience, for sure. You spilled your baby food one evening and then started smearing it all over your face. When your siblings laughed at you, you cracked up, and kept slapping your hand in your food and then on your face and laughing. You also started saying “no” this week. I said Clara, can you say yes, say yes…you promptly answered “NO!”


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