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to me, summer means: hoses, bare baby bums, dirty feet and faces, running in the grass, cuddling on our porch, popsicles, playing outside all day long, ice cream running down arms…… we embrace summer wholeheartedly around the muellenberg house

our daughter is fearless

i can hardly handle the cuteness factor in our house lately. that is such a MOM thing to say, I know. but the kids are all at such a fun age. as I type this, the boys are climbing all over their daddy and laughing so hard. i love it. I also love how grant has taken to following chase around and doing EXACTLY what he does–or trying. it is super adorable. Speaking of Grant, he has said his first sentence… “where is that doggy” and “where is that daddy” or “where is that papa” complete with hand gestures and an inquisitive look. Chase, his imagination has exploded. my favorite chase moment is from a couple weeks ago, we were out hunting mushrooms. He couldn’t see me through the brush, so he was calling me

C: Mama, where are you?
Me: I’m over here through the brush
C: Okay, I’m coming (He starts crashing through the brush, then stops) …..waaaait, are you a talking bear?
Me: No, I’m Mama…
C: (starts walking again) Okay then, I’m coming

Amelia is growing up TO fast. she is almost done with first grade. I almost don’t even want to think of it. The other day we took a walk, just her and I…she did a bunch of climbing on trees–she is fearless

here are a couple more of the older two one of the times we went mushroom hunting

all of these photos were taken with my new best friend, my medium format film camera–a mamiya 645