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i took a facebook hiatus a couple weeks ago (which I think means there is probably about 2 people, if even, reading this) I seriously think it was one of the best things I could EVER do. not that I didn’t like seeing my family and close friends lives, I LOVED that. a little too much. I spent WAY too much time on facebook, and also there was a lot of “other” junk that creeped in. I let things get to me that shouldn’t, and I let random silly things ruin my mood. I don’t have a plan of when I might go back to facebook. I am enjoying being “free” of the hold it had on me for now. but I do have to say, for an oversharer such as I, sometimes I just want to share stuff… so that is why this particular post is more full of words than most.

so…right now…. I am:

~trying to exercise a lot more. in fact I was thinking of 2009 where I tried to exercise every day for month (and did). that time I lost 6 lbs, so I was excited to do it again. well this time I exercised all but two days in a month –and quite a bit harder than I did last time. well. I gained 4 lbs. yay. ha. I HATE trying to lose weight. hate it. So. I put my scales away. I am done weighing myself. It is too discouraging. I am going to keep up the exercising at least 6 days a week and just not weigh myself because I HATE getting discouraged by the scale. and to everyone who says “but your clothes feel better right? you are gaining muscle”–no my clothes don’t fit better. who knows. it is doing good though, I know. I just like visual confirmation. ha! one of my favorite workouts right now is this:

which I modified (well added on to) from a today show workout pinned on pinterest

~eating this meal all the time.

(I am not now or never will be a food photographer. try as I might to take fun food pictures, I fail miserably every time. I promise this is yummier than it looks.)
Now I am a “new” cook. Meaning while I cooked before, I didn’t do it much. I didn’t venture out too much from a few norms and I despised it every time I made a meal (i did like making christmas goodies but that was it). In the last 6-8 months I have really gotten into cooking (not sure if it is pinterest tempting me with yummy foods or my new big kitchen or what). I mixed a couple recipes for this.

this one (basically I use the taco seasoning recipe to season the chicken). this is the yummiest taco seasoning. I use it for tacos too. I won’t be buying store bought anymore! and then bake the chicken with the cheese as directed (no enchilada sauce) and then I top it with the avocado recipe from here. yummm!

~reading this blog (and her book 1000 gifts) and it is touching me SO much. I love it.

~ loving on the kiddos

sometimes, when life falls hard, like the big huge flakes of snow that we are all so sick of, all we can do is go out and play in it. i mean, we could sit inside and bemoan it, shaking our fist at the sky and grumbling. that is what I FEEL like doing most of the time, but where will it get us but grumpy. instead, we make the best of it, we run out into the icy swirl and we play. and we throw it in the air, and we taste it on our tongues. and when we come in we feel lighter and more full. and glad that we just enjoyed the moment, no matter how bad it seemed.

……even though you look exhausted, have on no make up, and need to lose about 10 lbs, you have to get in front of the camera. because your kids don’t care how “bad” you think you look. they just care that you are there. and someday, if your not, or your far away, or they can’t remember what it used to be like, they will like to be able to see you, with them, then.