dear facebook,

i am writing this letter to tell you that our relationship, as it is now, is over. it’s not you, it’s me. okay. i lied. it is somewhat you. you suck me in and make me crazy and keep me from being 100% present in my day to day life. i know you are great for so many people…really you are great…it is just that I have no self control. I let you suck way too much of my time. I find myself checking in on you more often than doing so many other things. i find myself spending more time with my computer than face to face with my friends and family. and things have to change. and they have to change now.

so as of now. we are on a break. right now i think it will be a month break. when a month is over, we will see where we go from there. but for now. yeah. you and I? on.a.break. (think of ross and rachel….without the girl from the copy place).

unfortunately, i can’t completely leave you….I have a business page I will have to update every once in awhile. but that is all. i won’t allow myself to get sucked into checking every little comment, status update or photo that my uncle’s second cousin’s best friend’s cat sitter’s little brother’s daughters turtle’s hair dresser’s toe clipper is doing. i won’t.

i have books to read.
kids to play with.
rooms to paint
running to do.
a baby to snuggle.
bread to bake.
photos to take.
editing to finish.
the open sky to sleep under.
a husband to go on dates with.
friends to write letters to.
lessons to learn.
family to love.

and so much more. so many things that i was stealing time from by being glued to the computer.

so yeah. a break. starting now.

love, krystal

{even though i am leaving facebook, i still love all my friends and want to keep in touch. so. email me. call me. text me. let’s GET TOGETHER. face to face time is key for this break. i will still post on this blog. i will still post on my business blog, and every once in awhile, my business page. i heart you all}

off to be with these little people, mostly.



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  1. Andrea Hendrickson #
    August 11, 2012

    I so wish I had your courage!! Have a good break, I will be checking your business page and the blog for updates and pix of these cutie pies!!

  2. Miriah #
    August 11, 2012

    You go girl! Let me know how it goes, if it’s bearable, I’d like to try the same!

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