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the internet–specifically facebook, pinterest and blogs, are such a double edged sword. while i love keeping in touch with friends and family, getting ideas, seeing lovely images, and reading about others thoughts and lives, it also brings rise to feelings of discontent in me. I see and read things that make me feel like my life isn’t as interesting, beautiful, fun, exciting….insert adjectivehere…as everyone else. that because we live in the middle of nowhere with three crazy kids and aren’t going to fun places every weekend or making huge lovely projects with my kids, or shooting this sort of wedding, or going to this concert, or gathering, or trip, or…or…or….that we are just mundane. I start to feel like I should be doing something grand and fun and thrilling all the time, or making a HUGE memory for my children everyday. I can get so wrapped up in all of it that I forget that THIS is my life. it isn’t some waiting room before my real life begins. that the chaos and quiet, the little things, the day to day, this is MY LIFE. and it is beautiful. in a different way than what I sometimes think I need, but it is still lovely in its own way. and I need to concentrate on the beauty that it is, instead of spending my time getting lost in others lives via the internet. I need to really live MY life and enjoy every crazy minute of it.

while i love making special memories with my kiddos (see the previous post) i still think documenting the day to day is my favorite. a couple pictures from “lately”

i love making special memories with my kids. one evening earlier this summer it was just them and I at home, so we had an outdoor dinner of……

grant just hung out in the nude…which he LOVES!

it is HOT! HOT! HOT! outside. and one way to cool off? POPSICLES…or fudgsicles in our case!