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there is a cute little kids program called charlie and lola. the adorable little sister, lola, often says something is her “favorite and best”. i love it.

and it is true. here are my favorite and best.

i just watched this and cried some sobbing, nose running, drippy tears all over grant.

and yes. being a mom is the best and hardest thing i have ever done. i wouldn’t trade it for anything. so…….today’s thursday three is with mama.

oh to be young. remember saturdays when you were six. they could look however you please. for amelia, this saturday afternoon looked like this for a couple of hours.

of course, when you are six you must wear a fancy white dress complete with curtain veil in all your saturday endeavors.

and dragging a papasan chair from the porch to the sun is key to a great lazy day

this was her choice of reading material. i think it was the pretty cover that drew her in

being six. it’s a blast