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one of the best things about having 3 children for me is watching them interact. I have always loved seeing amelia and chase together. they play so well, and amelia really watches out for chase and he adores her. and three is just a whole lot more love…amelia of course, has loved grant since the minute she laid eyes on him. chase it has been a slower process…at first he just didn’t really notice him much. in the last few weeks though, he has fallen head over heels for his brother. he is always telling us how cute he is, and patting his head, hugging him, and talking to him. I know they will be the best of friends, and amelia will be the little mother fussing over them both. I love it. I have so many lovely photos of either amelia and grant or chase and grant. now i need some of all three. if that is possible!

(chase put his hands this way in the next one, i didn’t pose them)