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the other day it was so gorgeous that amelia and I went out with her little yellow jacket, my camera and a bunch of rolls of portra 800 film and played. she ran and giggled and we talked… a lot of “what if…..” and hilarous reactions. some true mama and mia time, as she calls it.

i have so many photos from this day to share. but going through the scans last night, this one caught my eye. yes. yes. i know. it isn’t in focus, but the more i looked at this one, the more it spoke to me. and to me that is what photography is….images that speak to someone. even if it is only one person.

lately i have been thinking about capturing life, just as it is. moments that we don’t think about being important or a memory…until they are gone. i’ve been reminded so often lately of how fast these moments go by and how easy it is to forget them… and I don’t want to forget.

yesterday amelia and I went outside with a little snow and a little glitter and had some fun. she adored tossing glitter around and around and we both were quite “glitterfied” by the time was all said and done. we will have to do this again with MORE glitter.