the other day it was so gorgeous that amelia and I went out with her little yellow jacket, my camera and a bunch of rolls of portra 800 film and played. she ran and giggled and we talked… a lot of “what if…..” and hilarous reactions. some true mama and mia time, as she calls it.

i have so many photos from this day to share. but going through the scans last night, this one caught my eye. yes. yes. i know. it isn’t in focus, but the more i looked at this one, the more it spoke to me. and to me that is what photography is….images that speak to someone. even if it is only one person.


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  1. Melissa #
    February 15, 2012

    i personally love this one out of focus and would have thought it to be on purpose, and perhaps is was. You are always such an inspirations as a photographer and as a mother!

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