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trying to not share every photo from amelia and I’s little photo shoot the other day. I love photographing her. I loved the light. I loved the jacket. I loved that I was shooting film and I love the photos from that day.

this weekend, my dear friend Jessica Sands took some time to come to our house and document a typical saturday morning–muellenberg style. jess is an amazing photography and a fantastic friend and person. We were so lucky to have her help us remember this time in our lives for ever in just this perfect way. We didn’t pose. I didn’t flip out over what to wear, matt got to wear his baseball cap and the kid got to be their crazy, silly, fun, lovey selves. it was perfect. Jessica is SO fabulous–check out her site and check out the full blog post she did of us here.

photo by jessica sands.

chase. i worry about him being the “middle child”. he already keeps us on our toes. he loves being at home, and pretending nonstop…his favorite right now is pretending dr. suess and tom and jerry. or saying “heeeelp, heeeelp, I need a little help over here” and pretending he is trapped. chasey boy, our bubs: we love you so.