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this adorable onesie was made for Grant before he was even born by the amazing Miss Ashley of Heartmade Stationery. this girl has talent oozing out her pores, and of course as a camera-toting mama I was smitten with it.

grant is already a month old….it boggles my mind how fast time goes. i was just looking through some older pictures from when chase was first born and I can’t get over the fact that it has been three years since. I wish it would all sloooow down a little bit. how is it that the days seem long, but the years so short? In honor of a month, I am posting an excess of pictures today….

this is adorable to me, especially since i have a picture like it of amelia and chase when chase was almost the exact same age.

amelia and chase both love to be read to, and I hope grant will inherit a love of books as well. (grammy the librarian does too, i am sure!)